A Letter From Our General Manager

Dear Friend,

As you glance at the calendar this time of year, what traditions come to mind for you?  To name a few that I am thinking of myself…the designated turkey carver, the one who places the angel atop the Christmas tree at the conclusion of searching for and carrying home the perfect evergreen.  Cozy pajamas and nights in watching Christmas movies, as you sip on hot chocolate and maybe munch on the cookies you decorated together.   Attending Christmas Eve services or welcoming family you haven’t seen recently into your home.

I pray that your heart is filled with warm memories of other traditions that are unique to your family and remind you of the beauty of home.  We live in a world that can seem chaotic, turbulent, loud and at times stressful.  The very word home can bring many of us back to center and a feeling of calm.  Sadly, for some the memories aren’t so fond and they perhaps don’t feel welcome or safe at home anymore.

Your generous support of Your Encouraging WPER makes it possible for friends to hear words of comfort, encouragement and belonging.  The message of the gospel has the power to pierce hearts and gift hope to so many who are seeking something more than anything temporary this world has to offer.  What a sweet reminder for all of us as we read from John chapter 3, verse 16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I’m thinking of a friend who shared with us that he was struggling with addiction to both drugs and alcohol.  God used the powerful messages heard on this radio station to draw Joseph back to Christ and set him on a path to recovery.  Other friends have shared hearing, “just the right song, at the right time.”  You and I know that isn’t a coincidence.

As we finish out 2019, our hope is to finish the year financially strong.  Please prayerfully consider what you will give to help Your Encouraging WPER be ready for ministry as we enter a new year.  Your gift will help us to reach more friends who need to hear that they are loved, they have value, they belong here and they matter.

This year you have provided funds for areas hard hit by natural disasters, served single moms in our community at Single Mom Saturdays and helped to provide a cure for children in impoverished nations through your gifts to the 44 Cent Cure.  You’ve made it possible for women to gather at local events and encourage each other through powerful teaching and worship.

The truth is it would be hard for any one of us to singlehandedly accomplish the volume of ministry that takes place as a result of your partnership.  Together we are being the hands and feet of Jesus and the world is changed by our example.

Perhaps you have recently heard us referencing what financial support for Your Encouraging WPER looks like at any given time.  Of the thousands that listen every day, only about 4% ever give to this radio ministry.

This time of year is filled with idyllic images of perfectly decorated cookies, adorable family Christmas cards, and the perfectly chosen gift.  For some this season is unimaginably stressful and statistics tell us there is a spike in depression for many.  Unrealistic life pressures, mounting debt, struggling marriages, rejection and loneliness are all very real.

Your Encouraging WPER is here to speak life into frayed hearts and restore weary souls as we soak in the beauty of the Christmas story that tells of Jesus’ humble birth, His years of ministry on earth and then His death on a cross which made it possible for us to live fully and ultimately with Him.

We get it!  I too have a mailbox flooded with requests for financial support at this time of year.  I pray that I can impress upon you the importance of giving to this ministry so that others can continue to hear the gospel at a time when other voices want to offer quick fixes and temporary comfort.

You can also give safely and conveniently on-line here, or should you have questions about giving feel free to call us at 877-321-3811.

Our prayer is that you are eagerly entering a season of joy with people you cherish this Christmas season.  May your home be filled with peace and sweet reminders of years passed, as you make new memories with those you hold dear.  We know that your generosity will be used by God to gift others a place of belonging where they too can feel at home, cherished and welcome.

Merry Christmas,

Frankie Morea

General Manager


PS: Your gift will enable Your Encouraging WPER to continue being a haven for those who need to hear life-giving messages of hope and belonging.  Please prayerfully consider what you will give to help us end 2019 financially strong.