The Evening Show with Mary & Josh

Mary O’Brien

When she’s not hanging out with her hubby and son, Mary’s either passionately playing sports, generously volunteering, or reading in a hammock. You may hear Mary talking about her shortcomings and the messy side of life. Yet, if you hang around long enough you’ll also realize that her sensitivity is balanced by her strong-will and sarcastic sense of humor. Mary’s most known for her enormous collection of hand sanitizer and her very loud laugh.

Josh Hooper

Josh and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, have four terrific kids. He enjoys playing and laughing with them all, watching Cleveland sports (he’s from Ohio), and playing with their dog, Ollie. Josh calls himself a “functional introvert.” The translation is basically that he can carry on short conversations with strangers, but he’s much more comfortable with family and close friends, or on his own. And he loves to explore God’s creation, and the worlds of Middle Earth and Star Wars to pass the time.


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