Morning Show Co-Host


I started in radio by accident while I was in college, and I loved it so much I just stayed!

Thankfully, I married an incredible man – and we had two incredible children – who all understand that radio is a family affair: my husband and two teenagers enjoy being a part of WPER events almost as much as I do!

I’ve worked with my partner, Eric, for 10 years and I feel like he’s my big brother. Plus, my family and Eric’s family get a long as well as Eric & I do!

My Pawpaw was a pastor and fostered my love of Jesus as I was growing up. He helped me develop a hearty sense of humor and love of sweets as well!!

As a natural encourager, I’ll try to help you remember that you are – first and foremost – deeply loved by Jesus and secondly, doing a great job just getting through this thing called life! I’m so honored to be able to do life with you at WPER!

Fun Facts:

I know how to milk a cow.
I can speak three words of Swahili.
Queen Elizabeth was my 7th Cousin Twice Removed.
I have no idea what a removed cousin actually means.
I bungee jumped off a 10 story building.
I want to be a race car driver when I grow up.
I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 7.
I love hot rods, muscle cars, and car shows.
I collect antique china.
I’ve been to Vladimir Putin’s house.
I also want to be a pastry chef when I grow up.
I love to bake, especially with and for my husband and kids.