Make a butterfly… bring Hope to those that are struggling!

At WPER, we’re collecting butterflies made out of anything you would like – construction paper, fabric, pipe cleaners, coffee filters… let your imagination soar!  Your butterfly will be paired with an encouraging note and given to one of our friends and neighbors who are in need of Hope and Encouragement.  It’s a very special project called Butterfly Hugs®!

There is no deadline!  We will be collecting butterflies indefinitely. Smaller butterflies that can fit inside greeting card envelopes are especially needed (6”x8”).  Your greeting card-sized masterpieces will be mailed to those friends who are too far away to receive a hand-delivered Butterfly Hug®.

Note:  Please do not include candy or food items in your butterfly creations.

Thank you to our business sponsor, Simventions, for sponsoring our Butterfly Hugs®

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HOPE – it’s a word that brings so many emotions. Without Hope, we feel lost and alone. That was Tammy’s story, too. After her cancer diagnosis, she felt hopeless…that is until someone gave her a butterfly. The butterfly wasn’t just a piece of paper, it was a reminder to Tammy that there was hope and that she wasn’t alone. After Tammy received one butterfly, her radio friend asked listeners to make more and send them to Tammy. Tammy then collected hundreds of butterflies, all with a different message to encourage her during her battle. Months later when Tammy lost her battle with cancer, her family returned the butterflies to her friend, with the dream that one day they would encourage others. Those butterflies sat in the attic for almost a year before Tammy’s friend found them again. As she was picking up the box of butterflies, she felt God tugging on her heart to do something with them. Tammy’s friend took a basket of butterflies to the local cancer center and asked that they be handed out. Butterfly Hugs was born that day.

Her dream lives on today at WPER. We are recruiting our amazing friends of all ages to create and send in butterflies to go out to those facing hopelessness – whether through an illness, depression, addiction, divorce…really any one who just needs to be reminded that they are loved. Not only do we send out the butterflies, we pair each one with a note of hope to let them know they are not alone!

We are working on partnerships with local treatment centers throughout Virginia to help us bring hope to the hurting. When our friends go to receive treatment or meet for an appointment, they can pick up a Butterfly Hug and learn about the eternal hope that is available to them.

Butterfly Hugs are also sent out to individuals by request. Click the REQUEST A BUTTERFLY tab to the left to request one.

WPER would be happy to send your friend or family member who is in need of Hope & Encouragement a Butterfly Hug®!  Please fill out the form below!

If you have a question about Butterfly Hugs®, or would like to know more, please send us a message on our contact page.

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Click any of the links below to download and print your own butterfly to color. We have pages for both kids and adults.

Butterflies for Kids
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Click the button to visit our Pinterest board where you can find a variety of butterfly hug crafts.

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Have you received a Butterfly Hug®?  Share your story below!

Send a butterfly to:
Butterfly Hugs®
4522 Plank Rd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

YOU made the butterflies. We gently wrapped each one and attached an encouraging note. Now, our precious butterflies need homes! Our goal is to place boxes of Butterfly Hugs® in cancer centers, nursing homes, counseling centers and hospitals in VADo you work in one? We need YOU to tell us where to send the HUGS. Please email [email protected] to request a box of HOPE!

See some of our amazing Friends who have been a part of the Butterfly Hugs® Ministry.