Our Mission

Inspiring People to Live Passionately for Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about why WPER FM exists. Every business, every church, every organized body, and every person must know what their “mission” is.  It’s been said, “Mission is everything.”  It’s true.

WPER FM has worked tirelessly to define our purpose. Our Mission. The mission needed to capture what we do but also help us place focus on who those who are impacted by what we do.

Everyday, we are purposed to serve you in ways that remind you that you are loved and that will inspire you to live passionately for Jesus Christ . . . through every song, every word spoken, and every community connection.

That’s our mission.

This is why we are passionate and focused.

This is why our music and all we do is relational, funny, inspiring, and thought provoking.

Everything at WPER FM is filtered through our mission: Each phone call and email interaction, each song selection, how we interact with our friends at an event and even responding to a prayer request.

Our motivation is to leave you inspired to grow closer to Jesus.

That’s our mission.

We welcome you to join us on this mission. Help us create these moments where people stop and consider their relationship with Jesus.

You’re invited to join us by becoming a financial donor of our radio ministry or even becoming a part of the team as a volunteer.  Either way, you’ll be helping to point people to our only true hope . . . Jesus Christ.