Inspiring People to Live Passionately for Jesus Christ.

Can we just say, first, “thank you” for listening to WPER!  YOU are the reason WPER exists, the reason it can continue to bring hope and inspiration to communities not just in Virginia, but across the world.  Whether you’re a new listener, a long-time listener (we like to call you our “family”), or just stopping by, we are thankful for you.

Our mission is to inspire you to live passionately for Jesus Christ, and our prayer is that as you are inspired, you also inspire others.  Through every song you hear, every word spoken on our station, and every community we reach – we want to breathe hope and inspiration into your life each and every day.

That is our mission.  That is our purpose.  Everything we do as a station is filtered through that mission – every phone call and email interaction, the songs we choose to play, the events we show up to, contests we run, and even through each and every prayer request that comes to us.  At the end of it all, we want you to be inspired, and to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

One part of our mission is to be “Jesus In Your Community” – in whatever form that may take.  And the best part is, that’s something YOU can be involved in.  We will actively seek out opportunities to engage listeners just like you to step out in faith and make a difference in your own community – whether that is through service projects, prayer groups, or even disaster relief.

We would love for you to join us in our mission, in any capacity.  Be the difference you want to see in your community!  If you’d like to support the mission financially, you can join our support team here.  If you’d like to give your precious time to us by joining one of our volunteer teams, sign up here.  If you want to make a difference and just pray for those in your community & all over the world, visit our prayer wall.

This is WPER