Uplifting Audio Pieces

Fun, Light-hearted & Uplifting

Homeschool Momma’s Prayer

Now that you perhaps find yourself in the new situation of homeschooling your kiddos, maybe this momma’s prayer speaks to your heart!


Neil Diamond song re-write

You may know his song Sweet Caroline, but now Neil Diamond himself has taken the internet memes to heart and rewritten his own song to be more appropriate for our time right now!


I Imagine If Dr. Seuss Were Alive Today, He’d Write Something Like This

This beautiful poem was written about the current state of the world, inspired by Dr. Seuss.


Tim Hawkins | Yoga Pants 

We think you get a gold star for putting any kind of pants on these days, so why not have fun with a little song about yoga pants from Tim Hawkins!


Spiritually Encouraging

Go Quietly On 

Sometimes we can gain the most wisdom from those who have lived through tough times before.  And this saint of a woman has some encouraging words for you.


Max Lucado | Quarantine Check In

This video is full of encouragement from Christian author, Max Lucado – all about how God is still sovereign, how we should be focusing on faith not fear, and ways we can work that into our daily lives!


Billy Graham | Who Are You Trusting Right Now? 

Rev. Billy Graham always had incredible words of encouragement and conviction to share – and these words, spoken so many years ago, are so on point for today.


Louie Giglio | Change the Narrative 

Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta offers ways you can change the narrative in your life – by guarding your heart every day with scripture.


Priscilla Shirer | Who’s Your Daddy

You can walk into every day with more confidence and less fear when you remember who you belong to.  Remember who your heavenly Father is.


He’s Got The Whole World (#TylerPerryChallenge) 

Gotta love those Facebook challenges that make their way around the world…thankful today for one that is spreading hope and encouragement!  Check out this family’s entry in the #TylerPerryChallenge. It’s beautiful!


Louie Giglio | Mercy & Comfort 

Just like the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy are providing shelter for people to receive care in the midst of this crisis…God is pulling into our world and extending comfort to us.


Louie Giglio | God is Working

Know that God is working today in the midst of what our world is currently facing. He wants millions to come to know Him and to have a spiritual awakening in their life.

“For Christ once also suffered for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.” // 1 Peter 3:18


J John | Jesus Is The One

Jesus is not just for some of us…He is for all of us, and He comes to us in a way that each of us can understand.  Jesus is the One!

Never Lost 

Even through the hardest of times, we are never lost when we have each other to turn to.  In days like this when we’re being asked to stay apart, we can actually become closer than ever before.


Auto Correct Humanity

While we’re all spending so much time connecting by screens these days, it’s important to remember that the human connection is what matters most.  We may be socially distant, but we don’t need to be emotionally distant.


Ask Him…Ask Him

We’re praying for a lot right now…our health, our survival, our finances, so many things.  If it ever feels like it’s too much (can God hear me, too?) just remember, always Ask Him.


Clayton Jennings | Jesus Is 

If you ever need that reminder of how great Jesus is, this spoken word piece from Clayton Jennings will remind you – He is everything.  Pure and simple.


Tauren Wells | Anxious Thoughts

We are all battling anxious thoughts these days – we may be doing everything right, placing our trust in God and praying every day, and yet as humans the tendency for anxious thoughts to arise within us is natural.  How we choose to respond to those, and deal with them, is completely in our control. Christian artist Tauren Wells shares how he personally gets past them.


New Parenting Advice

When it comes to parenting, everyone has a piece of advice that they believe is the best to follow.  Advice on absolutely everything! But there are some truths that every parent can relate to.