WPER Needs You to Change the World

There is a global movement taking place right now. Christian radio stations like WPER have joined forces with internationally recognized nonprofits in a real, quantifiable effort to change the world…as one. One billion lives hang in the balance. In less than a year nearly 35 million lives were changed in the name of Jesus Christ. Competitors became partners, while nonprofits aligned with their neighbors, and together we made a difference…as one.

This amazing endeavor is called the #ENCW Project…and it needs you.

The goal is simple: impact one billion lives in five years. It will happen; we know this because God is in the details. We want your efforts to be counted, that’s why WPER is inviting your organization to join us in changing the world. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up – Join WPER as an official #ENCW local partner. Local Christian churches, ministries, and nonprofits of any size qualify. Use the sign up link here on the page.
  • Be counted – Share your world changing event with WPER. Be sure to provide details that we can share with the world. There’s a link where you can do that too.
  • Stay connected – Each month you and the other #ENCW Project partners will receive updates on all the good that is taking place around the world. You will also receive the latest tally of lives impacted.

The #ENCW Project is uniting Christians from around the world with a common goal—impact one billion lives in five. Your ministry matters…stand with WPER and be counted.

We Know You Have Questions

We know you have questions like, “What does #ENCW stand for anyway?” We’re glad you’re curious. Before you sign up, visit dearchristianradio.com to learn about all the good that’s been done so far.