Lisa Williams

Lisa grew up the youngest of 5 siblings in rural Louisiana, near Shreveport.  Her daddy was a railroad man who loved reading his Bible and her momma was the life of the party, always in the kitchen making something delicious.  When Lisa was 16 years old, Jesus became the Lord of her life.  A few months later, she knew God was calling her to full-time ministry.  After studying music in Arkansas, she ended up in Missouri where she began her life in Christian radio.  She has served on Christian radio in Missouri, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, California, Indiana, Colorado, and Virginia.

Her joy and priority is raising her sons JD and Jesse.  Being the mom of teenagers keeps her busy cooking, laughing, or following them to sports, theater, and church events.  Lisa loves learning about the soul and how to live a healthy inner life because of Christ.  She’s thankful to be back at WPER playing songs and telling stories in the evenings.  Anytime you want to share a Wow God story with Lisa, just click on the link below.